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Enhancing your time at TBL

May 9, 2019

️ Our new enhancement menu ️


Hey everyone, welcome to week 2 of my new blog, I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday and are feeling nice and refreshed (hopefully not still hungover!) If you’re like me, and can be totally oblivious to the world around you, I didn’t even realise it was a bank holiday AGAIN because a) we’ve only just had one, and b)mainly the reason above. So it was a standard weekend watching Britain’s got talent and eating my body weight in junk food. Living the dream, you’re jealous I know. 


So this week I am going to chat to you guys about our NEW ENHANCEMENT MENU. If you love a cheeky treat and can’t get enough pampering then this ones for you. Basically we have created 4 different enhancements that can be added on to any treatment you have done with us. Yes literally any. If you want a face mask whilst having your legs waxed then we got you girl. Look no further. 


These will be available at both the City Centre and The Retreat at Doddington. They are as follows -


Collagen eye mask  - £6 

If you suffer from tired eyes, dark circles or any signs of early ageing in the eye area, then these would be great for you. These eye patches are completely clear so no risk of looking a bit weird in front of anyone else. Let’s face it this is what you were all thinking when you saw this. (Don’t worry I would be exactly the same), but these patches are invisible, and is a great pick me up if you’ve had a long week or heavy weekend. You also get to take them away with you and continue to use them at home. I would recommend once or twice a week, just pop them on when you’re in the bath, washing up, watching eastenders, whatever you want! My top tip would be to keep these in the fridge so they are nice and fresh. Just beware if you have a male room mate, I can 100% guarantee they will try them on as a joke. (They are more into this sort of thing than they let on ladies) 


Collagen face mask - £8

Ok I won’t go into as much detail with this as I’ll only repeat myself. It is basically the same thing as the eye patches, but a face mask instead. All the same benefits, tackles signs of early ageing, brightens and refreshes the skin and will give you the boost of hydration that we all need these days. Again you can take this home, just make sure you pre warn anyone that may see you whilst using it - you will look like you’ve just robbed a bank. (You’ll understand what I mean) 


Happy Hands Treatment  - £8 

So this, along with the foot treatment, are my two favourites. If I had to choose it would be between either of these two. Hands and feet are something we just never think to look after properly ourselves and the thought of it just doesn’t appeal am I right? So having someone else do it is so much easier, you’ve got no excuses. 

This mini treatment includes an exfoliation and massage, the key to happy hands. 

We put our hands through a lot without even realising, we wash up, we clean, we cook, we do our gardening, the list goes on. Bottom line is we are always using our hands, and more often than none, without protecting them. We all know we are supposed to wear gloves when we’re bleaching but who even does that? It slows us down. How many of you make sure you dry your hands properly after you’ve washed them? The kids are screaming in the other room, you barely have time to even wash them am I right? It’s the standard, Wack the tap on full blast, soak yourself, and dry your hands on your trousers routine.. what even is a moisturiser?? 

All this is the cause of dry skin build up, which leads to cracked skin, which leads to picking, which leads to bleeding, which leads to poorly skin.. it’s a viscious cycle. 


This is where your exfoliation and moisturiser come in. Exfoliating will remove all hard, dead skin cells and keep the skin soft. Moisturising boosts the skins hydration, allowing the healthy reproduction of the skin cells. No cracking, no hard skin. The massage will help to stimulate the blood flow, loosen tight hand muscles and just generally improve your hands flexibility and motion. It’s the perfect add on to make your hands happy again. I would personally recommend this with a facial.. it is so relaxing 🏼


So this leaves us with the Sole Delight Foot Treatment



This is where I am going to leave this weeks blog. The reason being, it involves some new techniques and products and I am going to be trying this treatment out in the coming week!! I will then report back to you guys and tell you all about it. I also came up with this idea so fingers crossed I made the right decision 🤣


Hope you guys enjoyed the read and found it helpful, remember to get your enhancements booked in!! Feel free to leave your comments and feedback for me!! Would love to hear how you guys find them.


Have a great week! 


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